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About us


We are Elisa and Giulia, we are best friends and first cousins, but around the world we are mistaken for twins, so we came up with the idea to call our blog “Twins Of Journey”! We born in Padova (Italy) and we live in the same street; Since we were little we lived in symbiosis, supporting each other and being mutual partner in crime. Elisa was born in 1993, has a boyfriend, Riccardo, since high school and she’s graduated in architecture. She has practiced classical dance for many years and she loves to organize itineraries and maps.

Giulia, instead, was born in 1990, married to Enrico and she works inside the family business. She is addicted to American TV series and landscape photography. We share our passion for traveling that feeling us full of life: with so much enthusiasm, we have created this Travel & Lifestyle blog twinsofjourney.com to share with you all our adventures away from home, tips, guides and much more. Our planet hides wonderful places and we can’t wait to explore them!

“Atlas in her hands, adventure in her eyes, wanderlust in her blood.”



Eli e Giu



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