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Hello everyone!

It’s with great emotion that we’re writing our first post and, after months of work, we are finally reaching our goal: opening a travel and photography blog! We are Elisa and Giulia, two girls from Padua who love to travel above everything…

Our passion was born in different ways:

I, Elisa, started to visit European cities with my mum and dad since I was a child and, every time we talked about jumping on/taking a plane, I was always looking forward to leaving. Moreover, one of my greatest passions is architecture and I’ve always been fascinated by traveling to be able to fully understand the works of great architects.

I, Giulia, as a child, visited only few places in Italy and this could be the reason why I love exploring the world so much now. Photography is one of my many passions and I’ve been able to develop it concretely only when I started traveling. It has always been fundamental for me to bring home memories as close as possible to reality!

We like to organize our holidays on our own and, either in the city or at the seaside, we always try to make an itinerary that includes as many things as possible… Obviously the less touristic the better! Having experienced both relaxing, hectic and demanding journeys, we have learned to appreciate every single aspect of them: the food, the habits of the citizens, the traditions of the place, the nature and the immense landscapes.

In the world there are things that you would never imagine seeing, with our blog, we would like to tell you the secrets of many places and to help you organize your trips/journeys in the best way.

Our team currently consists of us, Elisa and Giulia, as creative managers of the blog, Valerio, our informatic right-hand man, Federica who manages social networks and, of course, our partners Enrico and Riccardo who join us on our adventures.

Our blog will be updated every week and you will find stories of our travels, itineraries, city guides, tips (for organizing your own holidays), ideas of architecture and suggestions of restaurants and hotels. Obviously, all the photos are taken by us and we will only talk you about truly experiences we had, consequently they will be 100% authentic and written with the heart!

We can’t wait to start this new journey with you! A hug,

Giulia & Elisa

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