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Vacation in Mykonos: An Island to Discover

mykonos sunset

M ykonos turned out to be a wonderful discovery: crystal clear water, golden sandy beaches, white Cycladic architecture, windmills, beautiful locations for parties and aperitifs, excellent restaurants and breath-taking sunsets.

Before Mykonos, I have already been to Greek islands, Santorini, Folegandros and Milos; three beautiful and totally different islands, but none of these, in my opinion, embodies all the elements mentioned above.

In this article I will talk about my vacation in Mykonos, guiding you to the most beautiful beaches and giving you some precious advices… trust me, you will end up falling in love with this corner of paradise!

Mykonos is one of the most famous islands of the Cyclades archipelago in Greece and has an international airport which is connected to the major European cities, directly or through a stopover in Athens (I took a direct flight from Venice with Volotea airline). Somebody may not know thatis really expensive : from hotels to restaurants, from aperitifs to beach loungers, everything cost compared to other Greek islands. However, Mykonos has a lot to offer and it would be a pity not to take advantage of it!

Mykonos is a very popular destination among young people (well known as a Party Island!) But I was surprised because in September, when I went there, it was also crowded by families with children and old people, undoubtedly results of the numerous cruises that dock at its port every day. Due to the large flow of tourists, it is goodto book the trip in advance to find the best deals and, few weeks before arriving, to reserve also restaurants, cabanas and beach chairs, and places from where to see the sunset (as I said, this island is sooooo popular!).

vacation in mykonos
mykonos windmills

Where I slept and how I got around in the island

I think that the best area to stay in Mykonos is the west side. Here, in fact, there is the most important centre of the island and from here, every evening, you can admire the sunset over the sea. However, being also the most expensive area, I had to look for a fair compromise on booking.com.

I stayed 5 nights in the Fanari area in a studio annexed to the Mermaid Luxury Villas which shared with the Villas the infinity pool. Not far from here, there is the Mykonos Lighthouse, a beautiful place to watch the sunset and to see the landscape from another point of view.

The last two nights I moved to Ornos at the Dreambox Hotel, where I chose a room with a private jacuzzi to end the week in the best way!

I opted for a QUAD to move around the island: It turned out to be the best choice because it is ideal on dirty roads and easy to park. Even a scooter, as long as it has a displacement over 50cc, is an excellent alternative.

Mykonos town

Mykonos town is amazing. In addition to the typical Cycladic architecture with white houses and colored windows, the city has an extra touch of glamor, like luxury fashion stores like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. The peculiarity of this centre are its mills lined up, which rise from the hill; I swear, from some angles, Mykonos town is a real postcard! There is also an area called Little Venice, very pretty, full of places overlooking the sea. There are countless craft shops, clothes, jewellery, art etc … and plenty of restaurants. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the Church of Paraportiani, which is perfect for the shots (although, to be honest, all the little churches scattered in the territory perform well in the photographs!), and get lost in the streets of this city , adorned with flowering Bouganvillea plants.

My Favorite Beaches

INTRODUCTION: The trend in Mykonos is to choose beaches with fashionable beach club (rather expensive), so popular that booking beach loungers and cabanas is necessary. The truth is that there are also plenty of free and uncrowded beaches, so if you are looking for something quieter (and gratis!), don’t worry, Mykonos will please you!

Agios Sostis and surroundings

These beaches in the north of the island are very beautiful and free. In particular, the cove of Lover’s beach, where Kiki’s Tavern is located, is wonderful. For lunch, we moved southern, to Principote Panormos, a very exclusive beach club. Surely the location is beautiful and the service impeccable, but the restaurant’s cuisine could be better.

agios sostis
Fokos Beach

Fokos Beach is rather unknown, but I assure you that the water here is clear and crystalline. There is also a tavern where you can have lunch or just take a drink, it’s called Fokos.


Lia Beach

Lia Beach is a large and equipped beach. There are two beach clubs to choose from for renting sun beds, which are spacious and comfortable. The sea is a little rough and has beautiful turquoise colour that stands out on the golden sand.

Agrari Beach

Agrari is a beautiful quiet, free and equipped beach. Here I snorkelled and spotted some little fish! Pay attention to the waves caused by the boats because they often reach the sheets spread on the sand!

Elia Beach

Elia Beach could be a gorgeous beach, if wasn’t so much crowded. Arriving very early in the morning you can still find some available sun beds in the first row; however, during the morning the beach becomes unliveable (chaos, people talking loudly, rude children etc …). The only positive side is that each umbrella is equipped with a menu and a button by which you can send your order directly to the kitchen by email. Try their smoothies, they are delicious!

Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are famous for their afternoon beach parties with music and aperitifs. The sea is beautiful, especially in Super Paradise, but they are two very busy and chaotic places. I tried the pizza for lunch at the “Tropicana” and I surprisingly liked it!

On the way to reach Paradise Beach, there is also an old abandoned bus, covered in graffiti, quite popular on Instagram … take advantage of it for an extra shot!

Kapari Beach

Kapari Beach it’s my favourite one! Light sand, crystal clear water, but above all no bars or beach clubs. A pristine paradise! It is slightly challenging to reach it on foot, you have to go down through some rocks, but the view is really worth the effort!

Vacation in mykonos

Locations and Restaurants not to be missed

I have to make another small premise: bars and restaurants are quite expensive, keep it in mind. Nevertheless, most of the times the locations are really suggestive, and the food quality is high, therefore the price is justified if you consider that you are in a trendy island like Mykonos!


This amazing restaurant is located on Ftelia beach and is certainly one of the coolest places in Mykonos. The music, the sun filtering through the Pompeians, the cacti and the wooden furnishings, make Alemagou unique and infuse relaxing vibrations. Cocktails and food are also divine. Try it for the aperitif!

180 Sunset-Bar

The 180 Sunset-Bar is the best place to have a drink while watching the sunset: the location is breath-taking. You can’t go to Mykonos and don’t try this lovely bar! The only disadvantage? If you drink stand, no problem … If you want to take a sit instead, you will have to pay € 50 just for the table, drinks not included. However, the place is magical, one of a kind, and you will definitely want to go back!

180 sunset bar mykonos
180 sunset bar
Kastro’s Bar

The Kastro’s Bar is located in the city centre and is a Greek restaurant overlooking the sea. The concept is of a traditional tavern, with the added advantage of overlooking the beautiful windmills of Mykonos. I stopped for lunch and I must say that I was fully satisfied!


The AVRA is probably my favourite restaurant in Mykonos for some reasons: it’s in the centre, it’s not too expensive, the staff is very kind, the food is good but above all I love that it’s in an inner courtyard, surrounded by beautiful pink Bouganvillea plants. Don’t miss it!

ReeZA Restaurant

I discovered the Reeza Restaurant by chance, looking for the best Mykonos restaurants on TripAdvisor and this was the first place in the standings. Well, what can I say… ranking completely deserved! Reeza Restaurant is located within the beautiful Rocabella Hotel, overlooking the pool. The location is welcoming and very detailed outfitted; the chef served exceptional dishes, it almost felt like being in a starred restaurant! Super recommended.


The Cavo Tagoo is a super exclusive resort on this island, probably the most well-known and coveted. A few weeks before the holiday, I sent an email to book a dinner at their restaurant, arriving at aperitif time to watch the sunset. I must admit that it was a wonderful experience; the interior of the structure is modern and refined, the staff is polite and ready to satisfy every request. The bar, with a long aquarium on the counter, is really stylish, while the infinity pool opens directly onto the sea where the sun sets behind the horizon, creating a romantic and evocative effect. Even the dinner was good, but this was not the interesting part of the evening! Briefly, if you want to watch the sunset in an alternative (and expensive) place, the Cavo Tagoo is certainly on the list of #thingstodo. Tip: reservation required, elegant dress code.

cavo tagoo
cavo tagoo mykonos

I kept this restaurant at the end because it’s really special and I wanted to finish the post with a flourish. The Bill & Coo is actually a luxury hotel, smaller and less well known than the Cavo Tagoo from which it has nothing to envy, indeed! Again, with an email I booked aperitif + dinner and what to say … I was speechless! From the lounge, where you can sip a drink, you can see a small church in front of the infinity pool which, after sunset, blends with the sky. On the opposite site, there is their renowned restaurant. The dinner was superb, from the service, to the quality of the raw materials, from the introduction to the professionalism of the staff … really above all expectations! Obviously, it is a top-level restaurant so the price range is high. In any case, it deserves the Michelin star! Tip: book in advance, elegant dress code.

Bill & Coo Mykonos
Bill & Coo Mykonos

vacation in Mykonos

What do you think, do you want to take a plane instantly for a vacation in Mykonos? I would go there again immediately! Writing this post, full of memories, I’m feeling nostalgic for this special place♥

vacation in mykonos

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