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Long Flight Essentials: What to put in carry-on baggage

long flight essentials

Along flight can be really stressful: narrow spaces, direct air conditioning, uncomfortable seats and so on. With this article we want to suggest you our “Long Flight Essentials“, which include all the fundamental objects you should bring with you in the cabin to better face a long flight.

For those unfamiliar with long-haul flights, it is important to step on the right foot from clothing: forget tight-fitting trousers, heeled shoes, shirts, elegant dresses, and let go to comfort by wearing tracksuit and sneakers. At the beginning you may feel uncomfortable, especially if you are used to wear these things only when you do sports (it happened to us the first few times) but then, on board, you will thank us!

Now that you know how to dress for this occasion, let’s move on to the practical part of what to put in hand luggage.

Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, we can finally draw up the following list:

The 10 “essentials” in hand luggage
  1. Travel Pillow – Since the first time we tried it, we can’t travel without it anymore. The pillow for the neck, thanks to its soft consistency, supports the head, relaxes the muscles, making the flight more comfortable.
  2. Sleep mask and Ear plugs – Sleeping in an airplane, you know, can be difficult, especially if you’re traveling in economy class where space is tight, the noise laud and the light intense. The mask and the plugs can therefore be useful to conciliate sleep and relax.
  3. Moisturizing Cream and Lip Balm – The air on the plane tends to dry out the skin, which is why it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream for the face and a lip balm. It is also recommended to drink a glass of water every hour.
  4. Hand Sanitizer – Airplanes, like airports, are full of bacteria. A hand sanitizer, like a gel that you can use without water, is the best solution when you can’t wash your hands.
  5. Wet wipes and handkerchiefs – After many hours in the cabin, you will feel the need to cool off, so the wet wipes will come to your aid! Handkerchiefs are always useful, put them in your luggage!
  6. Nasal Spray – Due to the low humidity levels inside the plane, the nostrils may dry out and become irritated, favouring the entry of germs and bacteria. To cope with this, buy a hydrating nasal spray to use during the flight.
  7. Sweatshirt – It is really important to dress in layers when taking a plane, as the temperatures, once at altitude, decrease. Whether it’s summer or winter, a sweatshirt will do the trick. For those who are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, we recommend bringing a scarf.
  8. Make Up Trousse – (specific for women!) A small cosmetic bag containing make-up remover, mascara, concealer and lipstick will be useful to refresh your makeup before getting off the plane. We can’t do without it!
  9. Portable toothbrush and toothpaste – Brushing your teeth after many hours of flight can be a real relief. Alternatively, refresh your mouth with chewing gum.
  10. A change of clothes – hopefully not always, but it could happen that the airline loses your suitcase. So remember to put a complete change of clothes (including underwear) in your hand luggage to deal smoothly at least the first days!

N.B. Remember to keep in mind how to transport liquids in the cabin:

maximum 10 bottles of 100ml each placed in a closable bag of approximate dimensions (20cmx20cm).

N.B.B. All liquids purchased in Duty Free are not subject to these limitations; keep them inside their bag with the proof of purchase.

long flight essentials

Do you agree with our Long Flight Essentials? What are yours? You can consult other travel suggestions here.

We hope to have been helpful for your preparation for a long flight, now we are going to pack our bags too, we are going on a vacation! Bye! ♥

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