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Singapore Stopover

Singapore is a modern city with an innovative and progressive architecture; It is one of the largest business centres in the world and is located in a strategic point for trade routes. A mix of different cultures, languages ​​and religions coexist in complete harmony: Malay, Chinese, Indian and English are the principal languages spoken; the official religion is Buddhism, declined in various forms, followed by Christianity. Singapore is maniacally clean and, in fact, the fines for those who spoil the environment are quite high!

An authentic green lung arises in this city, The Garden of the Bay, a futuristic and well-known botanical garden in Asia. Singapore is a very rich and populated city. To reduce pollution and traffic, local people use the excellent network of public transportation; only few private cars circulate because buying a car here is really expensive. Taxis are cheap and very popular among tourists. During the day, the streets of Singapore are crowded and full of bittersweet aromas, while, at night, Singapore becomes a bright and safe metropolis.

I visited Singapore in two days while I was having a quick stop before heading to Malaysia with my boyfriend. The modernity and perfection of this metropolis immediately won me over. The bay of Marina Bay is beautiful, with its skyscrapers and busy life; on the other hand, in the adjacent districts, you can smell the typical scents of Asian cuisine, coming from the eateries along the streets. I also loved The Shoppes, an elegant shopping mall with trendy shops and restaurants. We moved around the city on foot, except for the longest routes for which it was more practical to take a taxi. I had never been in places with equatorial weather before, so I realized that the hot temperatures were too high for me; in fact, while I was exploring the botanical gardens of the Gardens by the Bay, I had to go back to the mall to escape from that stifling heat! However, I enjoyed photographing this city and now I regret not having spent more time there! I loved the exotic trees that surround the buildings and the streets, and the beautiful tree-lined avenue that leads to the airport.

Here are some suggestions for a quick visit in this city-state:

When to go and how long to stay

Singapore is near the equator, so it does not have many climatic variations:it is characterized by hot and heavy rains throughout the year.

However, to avoid the monsoons, it is better to visit it from February to October. I was there in March and I found clear skies but an unbearable heat. Three days are more than enough to visit the major attractions of Singapore.

Where to sleep

On booking.com you can find as many hotels as you want in Singapore, especially luxury hotels, which are rather expensive. I recommend choosing Marina Bayas an area to stay.

I chose the Marina Mandarin Singapore that I loved for the location, the large and clean room but especially for the wonderful “good morning” that the nightingales gave us with their songs in the morning; in fact, these cute little birds were placed in cages along the hotel lobby and their chirping echoed from the spacious hall to the top floors.

If I had to go back to Singapore though, I would choose the Marina Bay Sands to access the infinity pool with the stunning views of the city.

Attractions and Shopping

Singapore Flyer, Singapore Street Circuit and Helix Bridge – the Singapore Ferris Wheel, the Formula 1 Circuit (which is not permanent) and the “Helix” pedestrian bridge famous for its architecture.

Marina Bay Sands Skydeck – Panoramic terrace, recommended at sunset; you can book online or buy the tickets on site; The city view will leave you speechless! If you are interested in the Sky bar, you should wear elegant clothes (as required by the dress code of the room), otherwise they will not let you in.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay – Shopping center where you can find high fashion and excellent restaurants, inside there is also a small “lake” where you can take a boat ride in the style of Venice.

Gardens by the Bay – Icons of the city, these beautiful botanical gardens are one of the biggest attractions in Singapore. Explore the lush vegetation and experience the walk on the catwalk between the “Supertrees” that are located in the Bay South Garden part.

Merlion – The symbol of the city: the lion head fish.

Chinatown and Little India – Chinese and Indian districts of Singapore, where you can find shops and stalls of all kinds.

Esplanade – A design theatre that hosts concerts and theatrical performances.

Sentosa – A Singapore island where you can enjoy the sea and visit Universal Studios.

“Singapore is a trained, tamed jungle. Everywhere explodes this monstrous force of the jungle, transformed into meadows, parks, cultures, fields of orchids. It is the healthiest port of Asia.” – Jean Cocteau

I leave you some photos, Singapore is really beautiful!

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