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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

blue lagoon islanda

Blue Lagoon, located in Iceland, is an artificial thermal pool perfectly integrated with the environment; it is a basin built on volcanic rock next to a geothermal power plant where flows a typical kind of water that contains algae and minerals, such as sulfur and silicon, which give it the famous blue-milk color.

These waters are good for the skin and help cure certain skin diseases. This famous attraction is about 20km far from Keflavík airport, which is why it

convenient to go there as first stop after you land or, as we did, before taking the return flight. When people talk about Iceland, they probably think immediately about the Blue Lagoon because of the numerous photos on social media, but especially because it is always included in the top lists of the “Icelandic must“.

For this reason, we have been there and we have decided to tell you about our experience, with some extra advice.

Blue Lagoon, Yes or No?

One Icelanders tradition is to relax in the outdoor natural spas, the famous Hot Pot scattered in the territory, to be in contact with nature and to enjoy your friends immersed in the hot water. So, if you are looking for a real Icelandic experience, the Blue Lagoon is not the place for you; but if you are interested in knowing everything that Iceland offers, then why not?

Our opinion is that these spas cannot compete with Iceland’s wonders, but undoubtedly the special blue-milk water of the Blue Lagoon makes this place unique and impactful.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon

Reaching the Blue Lagoon by car is quite easy due to its proximity to the airport; it also represents an excellent stop in the route forth or back from Reykjavík. Some private tours offer the possibility to arrive by bus, leaving from the capital. Shortly before reaching the famous baths, you will notice that the surrounding landscape changes, becoming rocky, and you’ll start perceiving in the air the typical sulfuric odour (it is not pleasant, but you get used to it quickly!).
The Blue Lagoon has a large free car park with public baths and a space to store suitcases; however, we left them in the trunk (according to surveys, Iceland is the safest country in the World) and we had no problems. Before entering the structure, on the left, you will find a blue basin where part of the water coming from the pool flows. You will see, it’s a splendid postcard!!!

How does it work?

To access the Blue Lagoon a reservation is required through the official website where you can find 3 forms of entry according to your needs: the “Comfort” package (around 78 €) includes the access to the pool and a drink, the “Premium” package (about € 100) adds to the previous one a face mask, a towel, slippers, bathrobe and sparkling wine (only if you have dinner at LAVA restaurant) and the package “Spa” (over € 500) offers more wellness treatments.

Keep in mind that the price varies according to the period and time.

We bought the “Premium” package about a month before, which turned out to be a very good choice: We put in our bag only few clothes, a swimwear and a beauty case, the rest was supplied to us directly by the Blue Lagoon!

From the large entrance of the Blue Lagoon you can access the cosmetics shop, the snack-bar and the three lanes, divided by type of reservation, where tickets purchased online are checked out;  people without the ticket could even be denied the opportunity to enter! In few minutes we were served, and we received electronic bracelets that are used to buy the “extras” inside the pool (like an additional drink or a treatment) and to close / open your locker. Basically, the wallet remains in the locker room and your purchases will be saved directly in the bracelet. Before leaving the facility, when returning the electronic bracelet, they check whether there is something to pay.

The Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are divided by gender; inside, you will choose the cabinet at your convenience, which, with a not very intuitive electronic system, you will connect to the bracelet that the Blue Lagoon has provided: this way, you can lock / unlock it easily. In the showers, large bottles of shampoo and conditioner are available; you can also buy them at the expensive store on the ground floor (or on-line).
The conditioner is definitely the BEST we have ever tried, it made the hair very soft and fragrant! However, our advice is to take a bath with your hair tight in a bun, without diving with the head: in fact, the silicon in the water tends to dry and stiffen it … at that point the conditioner will really be your salvation! In the changing rooms there are large mirrors and hair-dryer.

The Pool

Blue Lagoon Iceland

After wearing the swimsuit, slippers and bathrobe, you must do a shower before entering the baths. Going down to the ground floor from the changing rooms, there is a wet room with coat rack, a relaxation area and a bar corner.

Going outside, the pool is modern, with the classic bridge that you have already seen in all social media’s photos for sure; the water is turbid and blue. Along the perimeter of the tank, the security check that every rule is respected by swimmers.

The Blue Lagoon is almost always crowded but it’s so big that people could get lost in it. The water temperature is between 37 and 39 degrees; we found it pleasant and we did not get cold; in some places it was so hot that we had to move!

The mini bar is located in the middle of the pool where you are invited to ask for one free drink; obviously we took advantage of it immediately and we ordered a carrot, ginger and lemon juice! Then, without getting out of the water, you can easily throw the plastic cup into the baskets on the pool deck. Convenient, isn’t it?

We had read several negative reviews of people complaining about the lack of hygiene in the pool (especially because it could be very easy to spill the drinks in the water) but honesty, we did not really notice it! The structure seemed clean and well kept.

Overall it was a pleasant and relaxing experience, especially considering it was the last hours we spent there before coming back home!


Eat at the Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon Iceland

As mentioned before, in the pool area there is the bar where you can have a drink while taking a bath, or inside the Blue Lagoon there is a place where you can eat something fast.

In addition, there is also the LAVA, a restaurant opened for lunch and dinner built on a volcanic wall. We had high expectations of this place but unfortunately we were disappointed. The food was really good but the service has not been adequate: long waiting times between one course and another and the sparkling wine included in the package was served only after ours numerous requests.

Moreover, the large room is uncomfortable and not very welcoming; most people show up in slippers, with their hair still wet and pool bags. Not to mention the very high bill we had at the end …

Surely it is a useful restaurant, especially for those like us who have to go to the airport without having time to stop elsewhere for dinner, but it is not worth the price nor the quality.

As an alternative to the Lava, you can try the new restaurant of Blue Lagoon, the most exclusive restaurant which is especially dedicated to the dinner, the “Moss Restaurant“.

Can we take photos at the Blue Lagoon?

Of course! But it is good to keep in mind some things:

  1. You can access the pool only after wearing your swimsuit and taking a quick shower, so it’s better to have someone hold your camera / cell phone / go pro while you rinse yourself.
  2. Once outside, where the baths are located, there are no lockers but only chairs where it is possible to leave your own effects; however, they remain unattended.
  3. The ideal is to take pictures as soon as you enter the pool and then, when you are finished, go put the camera in the locker room and avoid exposing it to moisture, splashes of water or a theft.
  4. For those who have waterproof phones and / or go pro, there are no problem! You can keep it with you all the time.
  5. Remember that you will wear swimsuit and bathrobe while you’re taking pictures and the low temperatures of Iceland after a few minutes will immediately make you freeze! We have been able to resist just for 15 minutes.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

In conclusion, we loved every single thing of Iceland, even its cold and rainy weather; Blue Lagoon is part of this land and, even if it is a very touristic attraction, it should be taken as such, with its pros and cons. We do not know if we will return there in the future but we are happy to have experienced one of the most famous spas in the world! ♥

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