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6 Restaurants in Dubai

When you travel, you really learn how to travel and you realize what matters for you. In my case is the food, I like to taste many types of food and above all eating good things in reliable places. (after the bad experience in the United States, I learned to be more careful; at the end of the post I will explain you why).

These are the restaurants in Dubai that I recommend you to try, you will not be disappointed!

ASIA ASIA – Japanese Food

Here in Dubai, cultures from all over the world meet together, so I couldn’t miss a Japanese dinner. Asia Asia has a beautiful view on Dubai Marina.

Asia Asia


The restaurant is located at Pier 7, a large building in Dubai Marina that has inside 7 different restaurants. It is located on the sixth floor and overlooks the channel of the port where the thousand lights shine of the skyscrapers. The dinner was perfect, the first thing I tasted was “seafood tartare”, a sea bass tartare with coconut milk and sprouts, I still remember everything about that dish because it was so good!


Book, at least a day before and even in this restaurant you can request a table on the terrace to enjoy the panorama full of lights.

It was really one of the best Japanese restaurants I have tried!

Asia Asia Location

THIPTARA –  Thai food

I was looking for a place that could make us fall in love with the dancing fountains in front of the beautiful Burj Khalifa and at the same time make me real feel the oriental culture from the culinary point of view. This restaurant made my evening unforgettable. Every 30 minutes the fountains started with their show, it was incredible to see how the splashes of water danced perfectly in harmony with the music. As soon as it ended I could not wait for the next show to be enchanted for another 10 minutes, in fact in a flash was midnight.


The food was wonderful as the location; the Thai cuisine it’s very spicy and tasty and I really like these alternative different food from ours!

Even if you do not love Thai cuisine, it is worth going there just to enjoy the show…from here everything seems magical. I will never forget the thrills I felt during that dinner, it was a beautiful evening.


Book at least a few days before and ask for a table on the terrace, from there the show of dancing fountains will leave you speechless. In addition, you should study in advance the menu, you know.. to avoid some bad surprise!

DIM SUM: is a range of Cantonese and Oriental cuisine, served in small portions as an appetizer or as a  dish to share.

TOM YUM: typical Thai soup, characterized by a citrus scent and a taste of herbs and spices, usually served with steamed rice and fish.

YUM: generally when you find this word with one or two to follow is a “salad with ..”.




I really love going to Greek islands for holidays, so why not try Greek cuisine even here in Dubai? My fiancé wanted so badly to go there and he was right at the end: it almost seemed to be in a typical Greek taverna if it wasn’t for the beautiful place by the sea, with the Burj Al Arab that lit up the waves.

Olives, fried tomatoes, octopus, squid, meatballs and the Greek salad could not miss … I suggest you order some appetizers to share so the evening will be even more fun!



Definitely reserve a table and go there a bit before dinner, so you can drink something looking at the huge hotel “la Vela”, and if you are a photography lover don’t forget to bring your camera with a tripod to capture the best Burj Al Arab.


101 DINING LOUNGE & BAR – Mediterranean Food

This restaurant was a nice discovery; only to get at the Lounge Bar I changed three vehicles, the taxi, the golfcar and finally the private boat of the restaurant. Are you thinking about how much I spent to go there? I will answer right away: just the taxi’s cost! (and you have to consider that in Dubai the cab is cheap). The restaurant is located in one of the two extreme points of the palm, now I’ll tell you how to get there. Make sure to be early before departure time of the boat; I reached the entrance to the One & Only Royal Mirage (Palace) by taxi and after I met a guy who accompanied me to the hotel bar in front of the sea by golfcar. I arrived with a few minutes in advance, so I had an aperitif and 5 minutes before the scheduled time I went to the Jetty Platform (front), where I took the boat. In 10 minutes I arrived at the One & Only the Palm 101 Dining Lounge. There is a things that I like about these places: they always treat you like royals from beginning to end!

101 Lounge

Recap: the boat was waiting for us at 9.00 pm at the One & Only Royal Mirage Jetty Platform, and we had a reservation for that.


The restaurant serves mediterranean food and in its menu you can find famous dishes with elaborate combinations. I remember I ate a beef carpaccio paired with some exotic fruit, it was really good. All was great that evening, especially at the dessert time which I had a good dessert and a glass of wine seated outside on their sofas. I felt pampered, spending a very relaxing evening.

The Terrace of 101 Dining Lounge!!


book requesting to take advantage of the boat service. The boat is always on time so make sure to arrive there early and enjoy the atmosphere.

COMPTOIR 102 – bio-vegan food

If you like eat healthy you are in the perfect place. Inside, besides the good food & natural juices to have for lunch or dinner, you can also find cool design things, clothes, candles, jewels, books and many types of chocolate. You can satisfy your desire for shopping, as well as filling your stomach.




I would have bought the whole store because everything was beautiful in that shop! Here I also discovered that I like seaweed! This cafe / shop is located in the Jumeirah district, along the street of the same name Jumeirah st., Not so far from the mosque.


It’s a place to go and come, you can even stop to surf with your PC as much as you want. Give yourself some time to get lost among the many things, it’s worth it!

Comptoir out

I really like this place so much!

MAKE ART CAFÉ – Arabian Food

This is a small corner of Dubai very private and relaxing. That morning I was visiting the old district of Dubai and the area that fascinated me the most was the historic district of Al Fahidi, in the heart of Bur Dubai. Walking through the streets of al-Fahidi you will feel like you belong to an other era. These old buildings have turned into pleasant cafés, art galleries and original shops, which make al-Fahidi the perfect place for chill out.


MAKE ART CAFE is located in a small, shaded and richly decorated inner courtyard in perfect Arabian style. I took a juice and walked around the exhibition of art on display. I liked this place so much so I decided to stay there also for lunch. The Cafe offers simple Arabic dishes, sandwiches, salads, cold dishes and there’s also the possibility to make brunches and breakfasts.


Find some time to explore this inner courtyard and looking for the stairs that will take you to a beautiful terrace.

Make 2

These are the restaurants I chose in Dubai before leaving, they were great and I highly recommend them!

Try them.. and let me know if you agree with me!

About what I was saying at the beginning, I tell you what happened to me during my first Road trip in the West Coast: we visited many landscapes, changed many hotels and ate in many beautiful and ugly places. After so many sandwiches, junk food and salads full of sauces, I returned home hill, with a stomatitis in my mouth. This is one of the reasons why I make careful research about food before traveling!

So.. Did you already know some of these restaurants? Are you lovers of good food too? Did you have some negative adventure during your travels? Tell me about your experiences! ♥

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