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Own Villa, A Corner of Paradise in Bali

My first article on Bali is about the Own Villa, a wonderful accommodation where I had the pleasure to spend a few nights during my vacation. This place so beautiful that I thought to write down a real review, to introduce you to this little corner of paradise and take it into consideration if you visit the island of the gods. You will find some hearts for each paragraph, which I assigned according to my opinion, where 5 hearts mean top marks.


The Own Villa is located in the Umalas area, between the towns of Seminyak and Canggu, in a quite location. It is about 15 minutes from Canggu but at peak times, it will probably take you double time to reach the destination because of the traffic jam (with a scooter it is undoubtedly faster). Although not really close to the centre, the Own Villa has the advantage of being surrounded by greenery, away from the chaos, where the only noises are the sounds of nature.

The exact address is:

Own Villa – Jalan Umalas Tunon Gg.X No. 1A 80361 Kerobokan – Badung – Bali – Indonesia

Position of the Own Villa: ♥♥♥♥

Hospitality and Building

At the entrance of the Own Villa, I was greeted by the friendly and smiling staff, who took my luggage to the room while I was sitting in the “Garden Villa”. I felt like I was entering a hidden world, made of lush plants and fragrant flowers, where the wooden structures are perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape. The materials used are natural and the recycled wood gives a beautiful vintage look.

The Own Villa consists of a restaurant area and some independent living units, two located in the garden and four in front of the pool. The right word to describe this place could be “enchanting”.

After checking in, they gave me a cool “welcome drink” with a small taster of a typical dish (obviously fried and spicy!). I immediately felt at home! I also had the pleasure to meet the owners, two Italians from Vicenza, who made me feel comfortable and give me lots of useful information on Bali.

own villa bali

Welcome and Structure: ♥♥♥♥♥

Room Design

own villa twinsofjourney

As specified in the previous paragraph, the rooms are independent living units, whose style is inspired by the houses of Sumatra, with a saddle-shaped straw roof and wooden walls; this architecture blends perfectly with the tropical environment of Bali.

In the room there is a large bed with a mosquito net that prevents insects from entering (I didn’t notice many insects here though). An antique piece of furniture and a table with chairs complete the design. The room has an excellent lighting system, which allows you to create the atmosphere you prefer, and is equipped with air conditioning. Behind the bed there is a closet equipped with a safety box and a water bowl (considering that in Bali you cannot drink tap water, this is a really good solution).

In front of the wardrobe there is access to bathroom which is outside the house : the design includes refined finishes surrounded by the nature, where tropical plants of all kinds are the only thing that separates you from the outside… I admit that at first I felt a bit too exposed without enough privacy, but I quickly got used to it; I have to say that taking a shower outdoor, listening to the sounds of the nature, is a great feeling.

The bathroom of the Own Villa, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, offers everything you may need: a large stone sink in front of the mirror, several furniture and support surfaces, the toilet and the large shower; but also the basket for dirty laundry, the hairdryer, a set of foam baths, several bottles of perfume and courtesy cottons. Everything was really useful, functional and tasteful. Towels were changed daily, and the room arranged twice a day. A 5 stars service!

Room Design: ♥♥♥♥♥


Breakfast is a typical continental breakfast where you can choose between sweet and savoury. I always go for the sweet option: hot tea or coffee, a juice, yogurt with granola or muesli, bread and jams, French toast or pancakes and a plate of fresh fruit. Everything was delicious except the fruits that I found a bit tasteless, but then I discovered that the whole fruits in Bali has the same taste, so it is certainly not Own Villa’s fault! Personally, I would have preferred to have the chance to order something different from the menu, because after the first breakfast days, I already knew what to expect from the following ones.

It is possible to have breakfast in the restaurant, in your own bedroom or request the famous “ floating breakfast “, which is served on a floating tray by the pool, very popular on this island!

Of course, the restaurant is open also for lunch and dinner. I would have liked to try the “romantic dinner” that they prepare with candles and flowers in the pool area, but I didn’t have the time!

Breakfast at the Own Villa: ♥♥♥

The Pool and Other Services

The pool area is my favourite, it is large and the floor is made of dark wood planks. The turquoise pool is quite large and is surrounded by palm trees, plants and the “pool villas”. At guests’ disposal there are sun lounger with towels. For those who love photography, the Own Villa is a beautiful location that inspires many different ideas.

Other services offered by this structure are the SPA with wellness treatments, free Wi-Fi, laundry service and airport shuttle.

The Pool and other services: ♥♥♥♥♥

What do you think of my Own Villa in Bali? Would you like to spend a vacation in this small and wonderful village?

As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the most beautiful accommodations I’ve ever been to and I’m already looking forward to going back!

own villa by drone

Own Villa overall rating: ♥♥♥♥
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