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Brunch at the HERB, Cittadella

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of having a brunch at a very nice restaurant, just inside the walls of Cittadella, the Herb.

Sometimes we discover new places around Padua, our hometown, and we feel immediately the desire to visit them because we’re curious to taste something new! So, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day and to not miss this last minute idea.

The Herb

The Herb is a restaurant, pizzeria and cocktail bar with a sophisticated vintage style; fresh plants and flowers are placed throughout the room and the ambience is well furnished. The inside area is divided into two floors and, when temperatures allow, it is possible to eat outside on the pretty terrace. Also, every Sundays from 12pm to 16pm, you can have an American brunch, a very interesting idea, which is why we came to the Herb in the first place!

brunch Herb Cittadella


For a fixed price you can have a brunch which includes a drink between water, orange juice and American coffee, a yogurt with berries, cereals, rusks and jam, one waffles and fresh fruit plus another hot dish of your choice from the menu. We tried the banana and chocolate pancakes, which were divine, and a special dish made of a slice of toasted bread with egg, avocado, salmon and salad!

The courtesy of the staff and the delicious dishes made us fall in love with the Herb… we can’t wait to go back again! Next time we would like to try their pizzas which look really inviting from the photos!

brunch Herb Cittadella

After the brunch, we took a walk over the walls of Cittadella, from which we admired the city from above, and spent a wonderful afternoon talking and laughing. Sometimes we forget we have such nice places so close to home, we don’t need to go to the other side of the world! You only need to discover what surrounds you … and know how to appreciate it!

Do you already know this unconventional place in Cittadella? Here below our best shots! ♥

Bye ‘till next week!

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